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Jayna Oso Biography Photo Jayna Oso Biography
Born: 8/17/1981
Aliases: Jana Oso, Malaysa, Melasia, Malasia, Malaysia, Malasah, Jayna,Jaena,Jana,Shauna Leake

Birthplace: Brunei
Birth Name: Shauna D. Leake
Current Resident in Los Angeles, California

Height: 5' 3" Weight: 122 lbs Waist: 25 Hips: 37
Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Jet Black Breast: 34A

Jayna Oso born Shauna Leake on August 17, 1981 is an American-Bruneian pornographic actress. She was born in Brunei but raised in Hawaii.

Oso made her porn debut in 2002. She often performs in anal sex movie scenes and is also renowned for her deep throat skills. She frequently features in the more hardcore and extreme pornography films involving her gagging and choking on male actors? penises and double anal sex. She has done double anal at least 8 times on camera. She has also done double vaginal in her movies.

In 2005 and 2006, she was nominated for multiple AVN Awards, notably the Female Performer of the Year Award.

Jayna is currently being represented by Exotic Star Models, one of the adult entertainment industry talent agencies. For booking Jayna Oso go to directly her agency page, BOOK JAYNA OSO

Jayna is known for her anal and vaginal talents. She has done double anal at least 8 times on camera. She has also done double vaginal in her movies.

Porn Star Jayna Oso is a lean, luscious little lust bunny and ravenous sexual appetites have quickly gotten Jayna lots of attention from fans and adult movie makers alike. Jayna was born in Hawaii, She is the daughter of Asian and Irish parents, and she blossomed into a slender sex machine whose natural charm and winning smile never fail to allure and delight.

Jayna sometimes looks like a clean-scrubbed innocent, but she's quite a dirty girl when it comes to on-screen action. She throws herself into her scenes with the no-holes-barred spirit of a true born porner, and truly seems to revel in sex at its nastiest. Jayna always brings an uninhibited energy to her romps, making each of them memorable forays into the realm of pure porn passion.

Jayna was 21 years old when she made her hardcore debut in late 2002, and it didn't take long for porn lovers to stand up and take notice. She quickly earned a reputation as a do-anything little strumpet who always brought her 'A' game to the table. Among her best flicks is 'Full Anal Access,' which finds her in a searing session with Lex Steele, Erik Everhard porn's most accomplished and hard-charging studs. Jayna more than holds her own with the trio, delving into double penetrations of every imaginable kind as she drives the scene to an explosive, frenzied finale.

Other heated highlights of Jayna's carnal career include 'Me Luv U Long Time 2,' where she joined Mr. Pete and Brett Rockman for a voracious three way that sizzled with unleashed sexual enthusiasm. Her DP blast with a trio of studs in 'Down the Hatch 11' also stands out, as does her searing session with Jay Ashley in 'Fresh and Pure 2,' a sequence that finds her at her filthy-mouthed best. Jayna Oso is best know for her outrageous double anal scenes. That?s right this little petite girl can take 2 dicks in her ass simultaneously! She entered the porn industry at age 21 but was able to pull off the teen look, and has starred in many teen titles.

Oso is currently being represented by Exotic Star Models.

"I love music more then anything. I just want to put my head by the speaker and feel that bass. Everything from Techno, Drum & Bass to trance and reggae."

A lust-driven bad girl whose amorous antics know no bounds, Jayna Oso has been one of the industry's unsung heroines over the past couple of years. With a spunky, do-anything spirit and a lean, tanned body that just won't quit, she's brought a welcome blast of island heat to the scene, and fans of fresh-faced young beauties have her at the top of their wanton wish lists.

Jayna Oso
Surfer Chick Turned Pornstar!
Are you amazed of the transformation from surfer chick to one of the top shelf talent in
the industry? Please elaborate.
Honestly, I haven’t noticed any major “transformation.” I’ll always be that outdoor-loving, beach-bumming, surferchick
I always have been. I’ve remained unnoticed on the streets, and as far as I know I haven’t grown any angelwings
or halos out of my head type a thing either. All I do know is that I have become this sex Goddess in bed, particularly,
in my private life! Thanks to my career in porn, I feel like I’ve almost earned a Masters in “Sex”, the besthuman
activity on earth! Although, I have high hopes that there is much more for me to learn.
How was it like growing up in a multi-ethnic family?
It was truly a blessing/gift, because it made me more aware and appreciative of both eastern and western cultures.
How was it like living in so many states? Any interesting stories that would you like to
elaborate on living in different states?
I have absolutely no regrets! In the end, I discovered where I loved it most, right back here, where I grew up. . .
smack-dab-in-the-middle. . . of the never-ending and sunny-warm weathered Cali!
How did you arrive at your stage name Jayna Oso?
I’ve always adored the name “Jayna,” and no one else seemed to have that name in the biz. Then, “Oso” seemed
clever because it can be used as a middle name as well, leaving room for an adjective that portray whatever “He”
wants me to be.
Describe how you got started in the business. Were your preconceived notions about the
industry validated or not? What were you doing prior to joining the business?
I was 20-years-old when I did my first movie. It all began at the strip club where I was dancing at here in LA, and
some white guy comes up to me, and tells me if I would like to work in porn? He said he was from Hustler and I was
like “ooooh Porn what is that?” So he took me to West Coast Productions with whom I shot my first movie with and
I loved it and it was so fun with the cameras and the little acting part and all that money
Unlike other talent in the industry, you are chameleon-like, sometimes
looking European, Eurasian, and Asian? Do you see this as as an advantage
in the industry?
Oh FUCK Yeah! I love how nobody really knows what I am, I get Hispanic a lot! I’ve been able to play off all sorts
of ethnic roles! Until you give me dialogue, you would never be able to tell. This means I can work more jobs with
a wider variety and therefore make more money! I made three to four times in just three hours of work compared to
a week of work dancing at a strip club!
Your scene in Red Light Districťs One In The Pink One In The Stink 1 is considered your
breakthrough scene. When you finished this scene, did you ever think that you would become
the success that you are now?
No, all I was thinking was “Holy shit! I just got the living-fucking-nuts fucked outta me!” Also, “Where the fuck am
I?” then “Oh wow, I feel real good. . .Oh yea cuz I just got my brains fucked out!” That’s just what I wanted on a
daily basis!
Compared to your earlier scenes, you have a toned body. How many hours a week are you
at the gym? You have taken flak for toning up too much so how would you respond to
these criticisms?
At the most two hours, but I haven’t gone in like over 4 months. I would respond to these criticisms in agreement,
because I too wanted to thicken up with mass not burn so much fat so that all my bones and stuff
popped all out at everybody.
You have been in a number of hot scenes with female talent like Sandra Romain. Is there
anyone particular that you love to work with?
How did you know Sandra Romain is by far my most favorite and yummiest female talent that I particularly like to
work with? This Goddess of Sexual Depravity brings out my raging passion for dick and pussy! You should see this
girl with a strap-on . . . she works that thing like she were Rocco!
Who is your favorite director? Why?
Jay Shanahan . . . I cannot stop laughing when I work with him and his crew. Mike McKormack is also funny to
work with. I guess a sense of humor makes work even more enjoyable for me . . . Funny make me horny!
What scene in what video are you most proud of? Why?
I really can’t say yet, haven’t watched enough of my stuff, but I’m real critical
Recently, many opportunities are opening up to you like representing Royal Dragon fragrance.
How has becoming spokes model for Royal Dragon changed you?
I wouldn’t say it changed me per se although it was the first time I got paid to keep my lingerie ON.
You are always busy whether it is promoting
products or doing scenes, but when you do have
free time how do you spend it?
Hang out with friends . . . go to the movies . . . I mean shoot
movies, hehehe . . . go camping, hiking, riding on a regular
basis, and I mustn’t forget the spanking, the shoving and stuffing
and tossing that I always enjoy!
You have been in a few acting roles in your videos.
Specifically, do you prefer being in gonzo or
acting in a feature?
I am sure people recognize you in public. How do
you usually react?
No, I haven’t been recognized, only once and I reacted all excited
too because of course I was so taken by surprise at this
nightclub I was at, but they were also really overwhelmingly
Have you reached a point in your career where
an exclusive contract with a major studio would
be an attainable goal?
I’m not sure, but I mean going by my own standards it
wouldn’t be a problem at all considering I LOVE TO FUCK
AND SHOW IT, and I look just as FUCKABLE AND HOT as
the other female talent who already have exclusive contracts
with these major studios.
If you could describe a flaw of yourself, what
would it be?
I am still a little shy in front of the camera.
When you retire from the industry, what would
you want people to say and remember about
That Dirty-Filthy-Whore! What- A Horny Bitch,,,,, A Very
Good Girl…….
If you were not in the industry, what would you
be doing?
Probably working some broke-ass demeaning, slow-paced,
and redundant job.
Jayna’s Favorites!
Food: Chinese and Pizza
Celebrity: The Jack-Ass Dudes
Position: On top!
Color: Yellow
Wildest place you had sex: On a
mountain top

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